September 2015 Meeting Minutes

EHBA 2015 September Minutes

East Hills Business Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes
September 17, 2015

Nineteen (19) members and guests were present.

Opening Remarks

The regular monthly meeting of the East Hills Business Association was called to order by President Larry Crespo. Pledge of Allegiance was not said. Larry read and requested approval of the July’s minutes. Motion to approve.

Treasurer’s Report
A balance was not reported for the checking account. The August statement showed a balance of $3,436.32.

Old Business
Larry will try to make arrangements for a flag for future meetings.
Saturday’s Kitchen sent another thank you letter for our donation.

New Business
Renee Shaw advised The Career link is looking for locations for their youth group to visit. The goal is expose the youths to different industries. The ages range from 9th – 12th grades.

Kim Oleksa advised of Windber Medical/Research Centers Color Me Pink Run/Walk which will be held Oct. 24, 2015. Proceeds will benefit Patient Funding. She also discussed an upcoming local Celebrity Chef event.
Barry Critchfield will be retiring soon, the group wished him well.

October’s meeting will be held at Windber Medical Research Center. Kim Oleksa will forward details prior to the meeting.

Featured Speaker
Larry Crespo was the quest speaker. He spoke about the various services Crespo’s Wildlife Solutions offer. He discussed animal control and how the critters are around more often now. For example, coyotes are moving into residential areas more often than before. He also educated us about several animals such as bats. Bats are suffering from white nose syndrome and their numbers are dwindling. He also stated a bat can gain entrance to a home through a crack 1/4” in size. Bats are dangerous and a person can be bitten without realizing they have been. He also informed us when sprayed by a skunk, the most effective way to remove the smell is a combination of baking soda, peroxide and dawn dish soap, not tomato juice as commonly believed.
The introduction of members and guests took place.
Free lunch: Kim Oleksa
50/50: $6.00 Joe Stankovich
Larry thanked everyone for coming and motion to adjourn the meeting