August 2018 Minutes

August 2018 Minutes

Date of Meeting August 16, 2018

19 people were present

Introduction of all members

Approval of July minutes, by Sue Henry and Jeff Vaughn

Treasurers Report shows $3,951.40

Reminder to invite new members but be sure to register them for lunch if they are coming!

Old Business: Missy Grose updated the group on the Duck Race Event. They raised approx. $30,000.00. The event was very successful and thanked EHBA for a donation.

New Business: Toy Bash for Beginnings is still going on. We are still accepting donations. The scholarship opportunity, the officers of the EHBA do not feel that we are able to help one individual, we are able to help schools and other organizations, just not an individual themselves. We can change the bi laws but must use an attorney. We as members would not be allowed to apply for the scholarship. Mention of the Kiwanis and how they can send out flyers and market the scholarship, and we are not due to the funds available. We can try to fundraise more but we also need more participation to have the money to do a scholarship.

Our guest speaker this month was Frank Duca from Frank Duca Funeral Home. He spoke about the funeral industry and explained some misconstrued theories or facts. He answered all questions that the audience had.

The guest speaker for September will be Bill Lehman from the Richland Fire Department.

September Free Lunch Winner is Chad Kamler.

50/50 Winner: Roger Luther

Motion to Adjourn: Ed Porada and Bill Lehman