September 2017 Luncheon Minutes

September 2017 Minutes


Attendance: 21 members present

Missy introduced herself and thanked Flair of Country for hosting our luncheon for this month.

Treasurers Report: $2,799.07. The increase in monies is due to new members and because of fundraising.

We collected all candy money at this month’s meeting. Melinda was able to collect everyone’s monies except for Chris Rubal who was not present.

Ed Porada introduced our guest speaker for the luncheon was Katrina Potaske from the Community Foundations for the Alleghenies. She is responsible for looking for new donors and for new fundraisers. She spoke about what Community of the Foundations does and all of the projects that they have going on currently. She also had a folder of information for every member to take home with them to read.

After guest speaker, we had our 30 second introductions.

Old Business: We are going to sell the candy bars again starting October luncheon until November luncheon. Motion to approve, Melinda Novak and Gary Lundgren

Free Lunch: Melissa Bird

50/50: Melissa Bird

Media exchange gave away 2 flood city DVD’s

O’sheas gave away samples of their pumpkin fudge

We spoke about the EHBA facebook page. It is in need of major updates. Tanya Ragno has taken responsibility to fix and update the page to try to get more exposure.

October Month Speaker: Leah Spangler from the Learning Lamp.

Missy also disclosed that there was not a problem with Bella Sicilia for lunch but our bylaws do state that we need to be in a secluded space with no intervention of other people during meeting. Bella Sicilia was mixing our meeting with the general public.