October 2017 Minutes

October 2017 Minutes
Missy had opening introductions
There were 24 members present and 2 missing officers
Meeting minutes were handed out and motion to approve by Alexis and Melissa.
Our bank account showed $2,500.40.
The new candy order had been handed out to everyone, made list of all members who took candy bars to sell, the money will be due at November meeting
Other news: 2018 new membership forms, we need to send out at the end of November and then when we receive the forms, they need to be emailed to the chamber to let them know who is a member of EHB Association. There were 2 places asking for donations, the Richland Fire Department for Halloween Candy , Barb and Melinda made a motion to approve $200.00 donation to Richland Fire Department.
There will be no December meeting and in lieu of will be the Christmas Party. Discussions on where and when need to be made.
New Business: Tanya from 1st Team did all repairs to East Hills Business Facebook Site. They passed around someone’s phone so that everyone could see the facebook page.
Had our 30 second introductions.
Our guest speaker this month was introduced by Barb and our guest speaker was Lisa Stofko from the Learning Lamp. The learning lamp is the leading provider of Prevention Programs in our area. She spoke about the heroine epidemic and told us that PA is ranked #6 for the highest number of overdoses in the United States. Our own Cambria County is ranked #2 in PA for the highest number of overdoses. Learning lamp is really trying to get involved with schools around the area to teach kids about the dangers of drugs. They have a program that they worked very hard on so that it can be used intermittently from school to school.
Our Free Lunch Winner was Melissa Bird
50/50 Winner was Tanya Ragno, donated back to EHBA.
Motion to end: Alexis Mueller, Ed LaPlaca, Tabitha
November’s Meeting will be held on November 16th at Flair of Country.