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February 2018 Minutes »

February EHBA Meeting Minutes

  • The new President, Melissa Bird introduced herself and thanked everyone for attending this months meeting. We had 30 Members at this months meeting. The officers present were Melissa Bird, President, Ed Porada, Vice President, Alexis Mueller, Secretary, and Melinda Novak, membership relations coordinator.
  • Our new treasurer Jenn Gojmerac was unable to attend so the past treasurer Lynn stepped in for her.
  • Melissa thanked Flair of Country for again hosting us for this months meeting.
  • Last Month’s Free Lunch winner was Gary Lundgren.
  • Approval of January minutes was Larry Crespo and Kim Volk.
  • Went through our 30 second commercials of members
  • Current Treasurers Report is $3,959.36.
  • Melissa reminded all members about inviting new potential members and to please remember to RSVP for the luncheons. We are reinstating the old rule that if you RSVP’d for lunch and you do not attend, you will be responsible to pay for that lunch. EHBA still must pay for all lunches and we cannot afford to take on that responsibility. Melinda spoke about the selling of candy bars again to help attain more funds so that we may be able to continue to donate to our local community. There was sign up sheet for candy bars and we had 22 people sign their names. Candy bars will be given at the March Luncheon.
  • The speaker for March’s meeting will be Larry Crespo speaking about Laurel Highlands Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
  • We received a thank you notice from United Way for our donation to them.
  • Our guest speaker this month was Andi Palmer from Operation Beyoutiful. She began this journey with her daughter who wanted to make a difference in peoples lives. This organization is a nonprofit organization that helps girls between the ages of 10-18 who have a medical condition related to hair loss. They spend the day with the girls and at the end of the day, the girl receives her wig with a stylist who helps style it to their liking. Motion to donate $100.00 to them was approved by Stan Haberkorn.
  • 50/50 Winner was Pieter Reynolds from Epic Journeys, $12.50
  • Free Lunch for next month was Kim Volk
  • O’Sheas Candies brought a box of chocolate covered strawberries to give away, winner was Cynthia Walters from Epic Journeys.


January 2018 Minutes »

January 2018 Minutes

There were 25 Members Present. We stressed again the importance of RSVP’ing for the luncheons so that we will have enough food for every member. Everyone has also been doing a great job at RSVP’ing and we want to keep that going.

Larry Crespo and Stan Haberkorn approved minutes from November.

The current bank statement read $3,305.08.

30 second commercials, had new members come.

On February 10, 2018 an open house will be held for Conemaugh Heath Systems New Facility in East Hills. Everyone is welcome to attend.

A Reminder about the 2018 Renewals for East Hills Business Association were mentioned.

If new name tags are needed, need to have a signup sheet and RPM will make tags for new members.

Officer elections were held:

President: Melissa Bird

Vice President: Ed Porada

Treasurer: Jenn Gojnerac

Secretary: Alexis Mueller

Relations Coordinator: Melinda Novak


Ed Porada advised everyone that each month we will not have a speaker. We will skip every other month or so to have just a meeting with all members. Schedule is as follows:

February: Speaker

March:  Speaker

April: No Speaker

May: Speaker

June: Speaker

July: No Speaker

August: Speaker

September: Speaker

October: Speaker

November: No Speaker

December: Christmas Party

Melinda Novak motion to approve speaker schedule

We gave out remainder of Christmas Presents to members

Reminder of next meeting held February 15, 2018, same location.

We all thanked Missy for an outstanding job as President.

Kurt Weidlein mentioned about a networking community that he is involved in and if anyone would like more information to contact Kurt at

Motion to end: Stan Haberkorn and Chris Cameron.

November 2017 Minutes »

November 16th, 2017 Minutes


Frank Duca – motion to accept minutes of last meeting

Tim – Seconded it

We had 4 guests with us today

Jennifer reminded us that you get $35 off your Chamber membership by belonging to regional business network

Remember to rsvp when attending so we can get an accurate result, so they can prepare the food accordingly.

We had 30 second commercials

Guest speaker was bill durey from penelec/first energy

There will be no December meeting

Christmas party will be January 3rd, 2018 – at airport for 5:30, you may bring an exchange gift if you would like to receive one back. Rbn will pay for your meal and we ask if you bring a guest the cost will be $10 there are the door. Please rsvp ahead of time.

The 50/50 was $8.00 – Melinda

Ed announced he is looking for speakers for next year — to let him know if you know of anyone

Two donations requests were shared from junior achievement and highland library — a motion by to make a $50 donation to highland library was made by Melinda and seconded by ed

The president reminded everyone that her position is up for nominations as she has served two years and also the treasurer lynne faint position who served three years. Nominations will begin in January.

It was brought up to look into replacing sim cloud services — since they are not a member to look for a replacement. To assist with emails. The group will look into existing members first.

a sign-up sheet was provided to capture everyone email who has not been receiving notification of meetings.

With many new members there are many who have no nametags — a sign-up sheet was provided to order tags from rpm.

For Christmas toys for tots were brought up and it was suggested since it was so late if anyone wanted to donate chan soon chiong center will accept donations.

Kim – made a motion to close the meeting

CINDY second the motion



October 2017 Minutes »

October 2017 Minutes
Missy had opening introductions
There were 24 members present and 2 missing officers
Meeting minutes were handed out and motion to approve by Alexis and Melissa.
Our bank account showed $2,500.40.
The new candy order had been handed out to everyone, made list of all members who took candy bars to sell, the money will be due at November meeting
Other news: 2018 new membership forms, we need to send out at the end of November and then when we receive the forms, they need to be emailed to the chamber to let them know who is a member of EHB Association. There were 2 places asking for donations, the Richland Fire Department for Halloween Candy , Barb and Melinda made a motion to approve $200.00 donation to Richland Fire Department.
There will be no December meeting and in lieu of will be the Christmas Party. Discussions on where and when need to be made.
New Business: Tanya from 1st Team did all repairs to East Hills Business Facebook Site. They passed around someone’s phone so that everyone could see the facebook page.
Had our 30 second introductions.
Our guest speaker this month was introduced by Barb and our guest speaker was Lisa Stofko from the Learning Lamp. The learning lamp is the leading provider of Prevention Programs in our area. She spoke about the heroine epidemic and told us that PA is ranked #6 for the highest number of overdoses in the United States. Our own Cambria County is ranked #2 in PA for the highest number of overdoses. Learning lamp is really trying to get involved with schools around the area to teach kids about the dangers of drugs. They have a program that they worked very hard on so that it can be used intermittently from school to school.
Our Free Lunch Winner was Melissa Bird
50/50 Winner was Tanya Ragno, donated back to EHBA.
Motion to end: Alexis Mueller, Ed LaPlaca, Tabitha
November’s Meeting will be held on November 16th at Flair of Country.


September 2017 Luncheon Minutes »

September 2017 Minutes


Attendance: 21 members present

Missy introduced herself and thanked Flair of Country for hosting our luncheon for this month.

Treasurers Report: $2,799.07. The increase in monies is due to new members and because of fundraising.

We collected all candy money at this month’s meeting. Melinda was able to collect everyone’s monies except for Chris Rubal who was not present.

Ed Porada introduced our guest speaker for the luncheon was Katrina Potaske from the Community Foundations for the Alleghenies. She is responsible for looking for new donors and for new fundraisers. She spoke about what Community of the Foundations does and all of the projects that they have going on currently. She also had a folder of information for every member to take home with them to read.

After guest speaker, we had our 30 second introductions.

Old Business: We are going to sell the candy bars again starting October luncheon until November luncheon. Motion to approve, Melinda Novak and Gary Lundgren

Free Lunch: Melissa Bird

50/50: Melissa Bird

Media exchange gave away 2 flood city DVD’s

O’sheas gave away samples of their pumpkin fudge

We spoke about the EHBA facebook page. It is in need of major updates. Tanya Ragno has taken responsibility to fix and update the page to try to get more exposure.

October Month Speaker: Leah Spangler from the Learning Lamp.

Missy also disclosed that there was not a problem with Bella Sicilia for lunch but our bylaws do state that we need to be in a secluded space with no intervention of other people during meeting. Bella Sicilia was mixing our meeting with the general public.


February 2018 Luncheon »

February 15, 2018 – February 15, 2018

479 Airport Road

View MapMap and Directions | Register


Dear Members,

The February Luncheon will be held on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at Noon at Flair of Country Banquet Hall, located in the Cambria County Airport.
You must register for luncheon by Tuesday evening (Feb. 13). We must give a head count for lunch by Wednesday Morning.
The Price is $12.00 and can be paid at the door by cash or check.

There will be a guest speaker this meeting.

Please remember to submit your registration forms for the New Year. If you need a registration form please email and we will forward you the new form. You can also bring the form with you to the February meeting.

Thank you,

Alexis Mueller




August 2017 Minutes »

August 2017 Minutes

Attendance: 21 Members

Approval of last month’s minutes: Alexis Mueller and Melinda Novak

Missy thanked Bella Sicilia for hosting us. We did not have treasurers report for this meeting. Missy encouraged everyone to keep inviting new members and if you do invite new members make sure to have them RSVP so that we have an accurate count for lunch.

Everyone introduced themselves. Had a couple new members show.

Old Business: talk of the membership applications. We need to redo the membership forms and Alexis needs to let Chamber know who is a member so they can deduct the discount from their chamber dues. We started the candy bar sales. 20 bags were given to 20 people, money is due at next meeting. We were able to give all 20 bags away to 20 people. Each bag of candy bars is $30.00 worth.

Lynn introduced the guest speaker J Diane Robinson, financial associate for Panichelle Financial Group. She gave a very informative talk about social security and healthcare for everyone. Also had a handout for everyone to take with them.

O’Sheas is hiring if anyone knows of someone in need of a job. She is hiring at O’Sheas for on the candy floor and at night for the ice cream sales.

Next Month Speaker: Audie Palmer

Next Month Lunch: Flair of Country at the Cambria County Airport.

Free Lunch:

50/50 Winner:

Motion to adjourn, Jennifer Tiffany and Kim Oleska.

July 2017 Minutes »

July 2017 Minutes

There were 18 members present for meeting

Missy had everyone go around to introduce themselves, we had some new members come to meeting

Approval of last month’s minutes, Alexis and Becky verified minutes

Missy asked if anyone else needed more cards to hand out, Melinda has the cards if anyone needs more

Old News: Discussion about the membership renewals for upcoming year. We are going to try to email everyone their new membership form and then it is in their hands and easy to access. Talked about mailing them but too costly. When the Chamber sends out their renewals, East Hills Business will do the same so that they are both in their hands at the same time

New News: Discussion about fundraising to have some more money in our account for donations. The discussion of selling O’Sheas candy bars. We took a vote to try to sell candy bars, 20 bars per person, there will be no time limit as to when you need to sell them. We will have them in a couple different flavors

Windber Medical Center asking for donations for golf outing. Consensus was not to send a donation.

Alexis introduced guest speaker, which was Stephen Moore, Chaplain and bereavement coordinator for Penn Hospice. He spoke about what his work involves, has been in the industry for 11 years, holds bereavement groups for those mourning a loss, and their goal Is to treat families who are grieving. Asked that if anyone had information on where they could use a facility to host bereavement groups in our area to contact him. Please let Alexis know if anyone has any ideas and she will pass them on to Stephen.

Guest Speaker for August is Frank Reznick from Penn Medical on August 17th.

Luncheon next month will be at Bella Sicilia.

Free lunch winner was Chris Kutchman, Northwest Savings Bank.

50/50 Winner Karen Rubaker from O’Shea’s Candy

Motion to Adjourn, Jen Tiffany and Gary Lundgren

June 2017 Meeting Minutes »

June 2017 Meeting Minutes

  • 20 people attended
  • Kim Volk verified minutes, Melinda Novak 2nd
  • Balance in Banking- $2,681.08
  • Missy reminded to register guests for accurate head count.
  • We are still working on the active shooter presentation.
  • Len Laplaca reached out & asked if he could give a 2-3 minute motivational speech every month & get feedback from the group. after discussion we went to a vote yeahs-2 no-6
  • Melinda asked about business cards-Reactions EdP- had a positive response and person he reached out to re-joined the group. Melinda spoke w/ Tom Torchia-he is considering joining
  • Donation request from Richland School districts golf outing did not get put to a vote.
  • Membership introductions
  • Ed introduced Mike Artim from the Greater Johnstown Chamber and gave his background.
  • Speaker Mike Artim from the Chamber of Commerce spoke of why he became the president of the chamber. The new name of Cambria regional chamber of commerce to unite the region and having quarterly meetings with all of the chambers in the region focusing on Advocacy, Education and Connection.
  • next month’s speaker will be Frank Duca
  • 50/50 was won by Jill Nix at $5.00
  • free lunch was won by Kim Volk
  • Motion to adjourn by Kim Oleksa second by Chris Rubal

May 2017 Minutes »

May 2017 Luncheon Minutes

  • 21 members were present, plus the guest speaker.
  • Ed Porada began our meeting by introducing our guest speaker Leonard Laplaca. We began this month’s meeting with our guest speaker’s presentation. Leonard is a motivational speaker who was a school teacher for most of his life. He spoke stories to us and had the group do activities with him. He left everyone with a project to do. He asked that everyone in attendance please write a letter critiquing his presentation and return the letter to him. He also had books for sale for anyone to purchase. Leonard also became one of our newest members.
  • Missy went over some things of importance. The business cards were handed out to anyone who wanted to make sure that they got to new businesses and hopefully some new members! Missy was also going to check up on the seminar for the active shooter presentation. Lynn addressed that we need to be more conscious of how much money we are donating to each organization asking for donations. Our account seems to be lower than it usually is. We all decided to keep voting for each organization’s donation amount separately when a donation is needed.
  • Each member present introduced themselves.
  • 50/50 winner was Missy Grose
  • Next month’s lunch is at Bella Sicilia and our guest speaker will be Mike Artim who is the CEO of Cambria County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Free Lunch, Becky Zips
  • Motion to end, Melinda Novak and Becky Zips