June 2018 Minutes

June 2018 Minutes

This months meeting was held on June 21, 2018 at noon. Our president Melissa Bird introduced the officers and thanked Flair of Country for hosting us. There were 26 people in attendance.

Josh Yoder and Lynn Faint approved the May meeting minutes.

Our current treasurers report showed $4,079.00 in the account.

Old Business:

  1. Please remember to register for lunches and notify us of guests coming
  2. A basket needs to be made for 249 Bake Shop to congratulate them and see if they would be interested in joining our association
  3. The new referral cards were handed out to members present
  4. There were a couple new people in attendance at this month’s meeting and they were introduced at the beginning of the meeting
  5. Next month meeting, Community Foundation for the Alleghenies will be in attendance to discuss the scholarship proposal

Donation request

  1. New Beginnings, asking for monetary donation or toys, motion to each member to bring a toy to next month’ meeting by Melinda Novak, approved by Chris Cameron, no oppositions

Our guest speaker this month was the Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees. He spoke about his job duties and what his responsibilities are. He also discussed the heroine epidemic and what he is seeing in his line of work.

Next months meeting will be on July 19, 2018 at Noon, Flair of Country. There will not be a guest speaker at July’s meeting.

July Free Lunch Winner: Stan Haberkorn

50/50 Winner: Carol Licastro

Motion to Adjourn: Stan Haberkorn and Josh Yoder