July Meeting Minutes

East Hills Business Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2016


Fifteen (15) members and guests were present.

Opening Remarks

The regular monthly meeting of the East Hills Business Association was called to order by President Missy Grose.

Missy requested approval of the June minutes, which were available on the website and distributed to members present at the meeting. Motion to approve – Tara Connor and Kim Oleksa

Treasurer’s Report

The First Commonwealth Bank account balance as of 7/21/16 was reported as $3,950.99


Saturday’s Kitchen – $100.00 Motion to approve Chris Cameron & Becky Zips

30th Spirit Class for Chang Soon-Shiong Medical Center Tee Sponsorship – Motion to approve Rebecca Kuzar & Mandy Keim

AUCP – $100 donation Motion to approve Tara Connor & Becky Zips

New Business

Missy offered GJCC’s literature to read.

Featured Speaker

The presentation was share by UPJ & Eagle Ridge Industries. Dr. Jeff Sernell VP of Information Technology, began the presentation by stating there are two types of business: those that know they have been hacked and those that don’t. He continued discussing various internet dangers. Companies need to be proactive rather than reactive.

Matt Sernell, Presidesnt of Eagle Ridge Industries continued the presentation discussing wireless services. He stated no one should use default factory settings. These are too easy to hack. When enabling wireless security use WPA or WPA2 and pick a phrase or sentence for your access key. The goal is t make the hacker not want to spend time trying to hack you. A smart decision is to have your backups on two different types of mediums and in two different locations. Finally, it takes 10 minutes to crack a 6 letter lowercase password but 44,530 years to crack a password that utilizes two additional characters such as special characters and numbers and a few uppercase letters.

Next month’s meeting will be held Aug. 18th at Bella Sicilia Italian Restaurant and the guest speaker will be Joanne from Dress around the world


Free lunch: Rebecca Kuzar, No 50/50

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made Tara Connor and Matt Sernell