January 2018 Minutes

January 2018 Minutes

There were 25 Members Present. We stressed again the importance of RSVP’ing for the luncheons so that we will have enough food for every member. Everyone has also been doing a great job at RSVP’ing and we want to keep that going.

Larry Crespo and Stan Haberkorn approved minutes from November.

The current bank statement read $3,305.08.

30 second commercials, had new members come.

On February 10, 2018 an open house will be held for Conemaugh Heath Systems New Facility in East Hills. Everyone is welcome to attend.

A Reminder about the 2018 Renewals for East Hills Business Association were mentioned.

If new name tags are needed, need to have a signup sheet and RPM will make tags for new members.

Officer elections were held:

President: Melissa Bird

Vice President: Ed Porada

Treasurer: Jenn Gojnerac

Secretary: Alexis Mueller

Relations Coordinator: Melinda Novak


Ed Porada advised everyone that each month we will not have a speaker. We will skip every other month or so to have just a meeting with all members. Schedule is as follows:

February: Speaker

March:  Speaker

April: No Speaker

May: Speaker

June: Speaker

July: No Speaker

August: Speaker

September: Speaker

October: Speaker

November: No Speaker

December: Christmas Party

Melinda Novak motion to approve speaker schedule

We gave out remainder of Christmas Presents to members

Reminder of next meeting held February 15, 2018, same location.

We all thanked Missy for an outstanding job as President.

Kurt Weidlein mentioned about a networking community that he is involved in and if anyone would like more information to contact Kurt at

Motion to end: Stan Haberkorn and Chris Cameron.