January 2016 Meeting Minutes

EHBA 2016 January Minutes

East Hills Business Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2016


Twenty – four (24) members and guests were present.

Opening Remarks

The regular monthly meeting of the East Hills Business Association was called to order by President Missy Grose.

Missy requested approval of the November minutes, which were available on the website and distributed to members present at the meeting. Motion to approve were made by Larry Crespo and seconded by Stan Haberkorn; minutes approved.

Treasurer’s Report

In the absence of Treasure Lynn Faint, Missy read the ending balance of the December bank statement.

Payment of the Greater Johnstown Chamber of Commerce membership fee was approved.

Old Business

It was reported by those who attended, the annual Christmas party was a blast. Larry Crespo stated all members should try to attend because it is a great opportunity to get to know each other and network.

New Business

First, it was acknowledged Barb Fortuanto’s husband and Lynn Faint’s son were both hospitalized. We wished them a speedy recovery.

It was voted acceptable to patronize local restaurants not associated with EHBA for future meetings. Invitations to join EHBA will be extended to these establishments. Motion was approved by Larry Crespo and seconded by Becky Zips.

Potential host sites: Hoss’s Steak and Sea House, Jake’s, Perkins, Quality Inn Express, Richland High School, Spartan Inn, and Windber Medical Center.

New Business Cont:

Missy also suggested inviting an organization who requests a donation from EHBA to be a guest speaker. Current donations requests received are: Community Arts Center, Junior Achievement, Catholic Charities, and Beginning’s Inc. Motion to approve were made by Larry Crespo and seconded by Melinda Novak.

Missy suggested members keep their name tags to eliminate trying to locate them in the beginning of the meetings. Members present decided it is the member’s preference to keep their tag or not. Name tags will continue to be collected for those who do not wish to keep their tag with them.

Featured Speaker

John Augustine and Tricia Rummel of Greater Johnstown Career and Technology Center were the guest speakers. John reminded the members of the Spartan Inn’s hours of operation, Wed. nights 3:30-7:30. One of the school’s functions is to help local businesses obtain more qualified employees and eliminate turn over. He asked the members to become more involved in the Advisory Committees. John also stated a business can be a sponsor for $150. This purchases 3 T-shirts for students. Tricia provided an overview of the adult education programs. Programs start all year long and include but are not limited to, heavy equipment, clinicals , truck driving and GED prep classes.

The next meeting will be held February 18th at Richland High School. Arnold Nadonley will be the quest speaker.


Free lunch: Pieter Reynolds gifted to Cyndy Watters

50/50: – Not held

Motion to adjourn the meeting were made by Tabitha Bosworth and seconded by Becky Zips