February 2019 Minutes

February 2019 Minutes

February’s meeting was held on February 21, 2019 at Noon at Flair of Country.

President, Melissa Bird opened the meeting.  Motion to approve January 2019 minutes by Jeff Vaughn, seconded by Chad Kamler, approved by membership in attendance.

Our treasurer’s report showed a balance of $3,306.52.

Old Business:  Chad Kamler reviewed different Facebook pages for content ideas and how to best utilize the social medical platform in the future.  Chad will send out links via email.  A request for members to offer their own website as examples was made to the group.  Cliptations volunteered.

Melissa Bird requested that members that utilize Facebook to please go out to the EBHA Facebook page and “like” the page.


  • Please invite new members. Please remember, their first lunch attendance is complementary.
  • If a member RSVP’s to lunch and is a no show, member will be billed.

Members in attendance each took turns giving their 30 second commercials.

New Business:  Old and new officers had a transition meeting and an additional executive session prior to lunch to set association goals for 2019 year.


  • Grow active membership
  • Support 1 or more community projects through volunteer work
  • Increase fundraising (review prior year’s fundraising and set a target fundraising goal for 2019)

Floor open to group to present any additional new business.  No other new business presented.

Vice President Chad Kamler introduced Matt Lushko from Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Donation Requests: Ed Porada spoke on behalf of Penn Highlands Putt a Palooza.  Ed Motioned for a $50 donation, Stan Haberkorn seconded.  Membership approved.  Community Action Basket Party donation request.  Melinda Novak motioned for $50 donation, Chad Kamler seconded.  Approved by membership in attendance.  After guest speaker presentation a motion was made by Roger Luther to make a $50 donation to fellowship of Christian Athletes, Jeff Vaughn seconded.  Membership in attendance approved.

Next meeting will be held on March 21, 2019 at Noon at Flair of Country.

Next month’s free lunch winner is Jeff Vaughn.

50/50 winner was Missy Grose.  O’Shea’s Candy giveaway winners were Kim Oleksa and Matt Lushko.

Next month’s speaker will be Greg Karcher from the Family Kitchen.

Motion to Adjourn: Stan Haberkorn and Jeff Vaughn.