February 2017 Minutes

East Hills Business Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes February 16, 2017
21 members and guests were present
Opening Remarks:
The regular monthly meeting of the east hills business association was called to order by president Missy Grose. Missy introduced all officers, thanked Bella Sicilia for hosting the meeting, and announced last month’s free lunch winner.
Vice president Ed Porada introduced this month’s speaker. Larry Crespo of Laurel Highlands F.C.A.. Larry spoke of the good the organization does for the youth of our community, and how sports mixed with faith in God helps build character.
Approval of January minutes:
motion by Kim Oleksa 2nd by Chris Rubel
Treasurers Report:
The First Commonwealth Bank account balance was reported $3026.04
A motion was made and all approved a donation to the Laural Highlands F.C.U. in the amount of $150.00. Larry thanked the group for their support.
Old Business:
The speaker list was distributed for 2017 and a request was made to find just a couple more to fill all dates for 2017.
New Business:
The 2017 membership Applications were distributed, and all members present were encouraged to renew for 2017, and invite a guest to an upcoming meeting.
Melinda Novak suggested a business card style invitations, Frank Duca volunteered to help and get some printed to start us out.
A conversation was had about doing a happy hour in the future, after more members join.
Jen Tiffany reminded the group that their membership dues are deductable from their chamber of commerce dues, and communicated that the chamber would like to work together with groups like ours to grow the community.
Next Month’s meeting:
Februarys meeting was announced to be at J.C.T.C.
Next month’s free lunch winner:
The free lunch was won by Laurel Asphalt
The 50/50 was $4.00 and was won by Alexis Mueller
Motion to Adjourn the Meeting was made by Kim Oleksa and second by Stan Habercorn