August 2017 Minutes

August 2017 Minutes

Attendance: 21 Members

Approval of last month’s minutes: Alexis Mueller and Melinda Novak

Missy thanked Bella Sicilia for hosting us. We did not have treasurers report for this meeting. Missy encouraged everyone to keep inviting new members and if you do invite new members make sure to have them RSVP so that we have an accurate count for lunch.

Everyone introduced themselves. Had a couple new members show.

Old Business: talk of the membership applications. We need to redo the membership forms and Alexis needs to let Chamber know who is a member so they can deduct the discount from their chamber dues. We started the candy bar sales. 20 bags were given to 20 people, money is due at next meeting. We were able to give all 20 bags away to 20 people. Each bag of candy bars is $30.00 worth.

Lynn introduced the guest speaker J Diane Robinson, financial associate for Panichelle Financial Group. She gave a very informative talk about social security and healthcare for everyone. Also had a handout for everyone to take with them.

O’Sheas is hiring if anyone knows of someone in need of a job. She is hiring at O’Sheas for on the candy floor and at night for the ice cream sales.

Next Month Speaker: Audie Palmer

Next Month Lunch: Flair of Country at the Cambria County Airport.

Free Lunch:

50/50 Winner:

Motion to adjourn, Jennifer Tiffany and Kim Oleska.