April 2018 Minutes

Melissa introduced herself and welcomed everyone to the April Luncheon. There were 24 members present as this months meeting.

Last months minutes were approved by Alexis Mueller and Missy Grose.

The month the candy money was due, concluding this sale. Melissa thanked everyone for participating.

We had mail to pass around that asked for donations for different functions. Windber Medical Center asked for a donation. We had a motion by Larry Crespo to donate $50.00 to their golf outing. Chris Cameron gave a second motion to approve. The donation for FCA was discussed that Larry was supposed to receive it after March’s meeting. The donation had been mailed.

We received a thank you letter from Community Action Partnership of Cambria County for our donation for their basket party.

There was no guest speaker this month. We had a business meeting this month which we discussed various topics. The first topic was our website. Everyone agreed that it needs an updated and refreshed. Members spoke about not being able to have a confirmation when they registered for lunches. The website just needs a facelift and members discussed contacting UPJ or Penn Highlands students to see if they could redesign the website for us as part of their class. Ed Porada is going to reach out to Penn Highlands to see if they can redesign our website as part of their class.

Others spoke up about what is our mission statement. Other members belong to groups that read their mission statement each meeting and we need to establish one for our organization.

We once had business cards that we handed out to other people to invite them to lunch. They are being ordered through Kurt Weidlein.

Melissa went through all the name tags that were not collected and members volunteered to reach out to them to see if they would consider joining again. We are trying to get more members and reaching out to past members is a good start. Simply sending an email to reach out to them and see if they would like to come join.

We are going to try to be more specific with donations. We will set a certain amount each time a donation is requested so that we can have more monies to have social gatherings to better network with our organization.

10 second commercials at the end of our meeting

Next months guest speaker will be Jeff Vaughn from Community Action Partnership of Cambria County. Next months meeting with be held on May 17th at Flair of Country Banquet Hall.

Andi Palmar is next months free lunch winner

50/50 winner was Stan Haberkorn